Sacred Contracts

According to Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts are personal contracts or agreements that individuals make at a soul level before entering life on Earth. These contracts are believed to be made between the soul and the Divine, outlining the purpose, lessons, and challenges that an individual will encounter in their life. Viewing life's challenges as part of an agreed-upon roadmap can help gain a higher perspective that is symbolic or archetypal in nature. Understanding and honoring these Sacred Contracts can provide insight into one's life purpose and help navigate life's challenges with a deeper sense of meaning and understanding.

You have been endowed with a unique encoding of 12 primary archetypes, designed to aid you in comprehending and fulfilling the terms of your Sacred Contract. Among these, four are universal archetypes of survival: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. The remaining eight are derived from the rich tapestry of archetypes that have evolved throughout human history.

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